We now provide software development services

Having developed a significant body of software through developing our tools we are now offering software development services to other companies, and a few open-source libraries to help people generally.

We specialise in complex, data driven web applications for analysing, mathematically modelling or visualising data, especially geospatial data. We also have experience of cloud computing and the security issues thereof.

For instance Spatial Modeller, our newest tool, is a web application aimed at mobile tablets. It uses a number of advanced software architectures, such as a JavaScript application, referred to as a ‘Single Page Application’, running in the person’s browser to provide interactive visualisation.

We have so far produced two open-source projects to help developers build web/mobile services. They are:

  • GenericServices .NET library to help developers quickly build the server infrastructure for delivering complex data models
  • A live example web site at samplemvcwebapp.net which provides sample code that uses GenericServices. Software developers working on .NET software might find some useful ideas there.

Can I also suggest you visit the blog www.thereformedprogrammer.net where Jon Smith shares various technical ideas that might help others. Jon has also written a few articles on respected technical blog sites. See:

If you are looking to build a complex web/mobile analysis or BI tool then maybe we can help. Do contact us for a no-obligation discussion.


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