We are presenting at a conference in South Africa

We are pleased to announce that Selective Analytics will be presenting a paper at the at the ASLM2012 conference in Cape Town in first week of December. This is the first international conference of the African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM). ASLM’s mission is to advance laboratory medicine services needed to support preventive medicine, quality patient care and disease control in Africa.

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We will be presenting a paper on Thursday 6th December entitled ‘Geographic location and capacity optimisation modelling to plan effective and efficient diagnostics service placement’ in the session titled “Cost Effectiveness of Laboratory Diagnostics”. This paper is based on the work we did with the  National Health Laboratories Service (NHLS) earlier this year, plus some further research carried out more recently.

There are many challenges in providing laboratory testing in in country, but the rural nature of Africa can make access and transport routes quite difficult. Our experience form our South Africa project, and also from talking to someone involved in Zambia’s blood testing, is that providing clinical testing is a complex, multi-stage problem. Our work has been around understanding and modelling such systems.

The aim of the paper is to show how geographical and system modelling can help:

  • Evaluate existing testing networks against clinical targets and costs.
  • Optimise existing testing to meet clinical targets while minimising costs.
  • Plan new testing networks taking into account difficult terrain and road networks.

We are also looking to meet people from other African states and work with them to obtain grants to allow us to help them improve their clinical testing system. We will keep you posted as to how that goes.

Jon Smith – Selective Analytics


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