We are developing new geospatial modelling tools


A new map visualisation – click to enlarge

As a result of our work in South Africa and growing interest in the UK, Selective Analytics is developing a new geospatial modelling tool called Spatial Modeller. This work combines a number of features we have recently developed into a web-based application. This is a large piece of work any will take many months, but we wanted to get some information out to our current clients to get your feedback.

What is new about this tool?

The tool combines the experience from many of our projects with the new web-based tools for visualising and interacting with data. The new features of Spatial Modeller are:

a. Modelling

  • Ability to handle very large modelling problems with thousands of locations.
  • Ability to work with a range of location data, e.g. address, demographic data, sector or region.
  • Ability to access car and public transport travel times, including routing.
  • Results accessible to our clients anywhere in the world as soon as we have set up the model.

b. Visualisation

  • Live data with zoom and pan. Allows you to go from the overview to zoom in on a particular area.
  • Data mining techniques such as drill up/drill down, aggregate and compare.
    e.g. show me all the patients going to the XYZ clinic and a graph of travel times.
  • Quick comparison of hundreds of potential solutions against multiple criteria.
  • A slide show mode for users to review finding, but on live data (see ‘Telling a story with live data’ below)
  • Designed to be iPad/Tablet friendly.

Story mode: Overview, with ability to drill down into the data

Telling a story with live data

We believe that our clients are intelligent, but time poor. This means they need someone to do the modelling and assemble a good overview, but they are quite capable of looking at the data themselves too.

We therefore wanted to combine the ease of a slide presentation with the ability to dig down into the live data. Well, in the Spatial Modeller we think we have come up with a really powerful way of doing that, called Story Mode©.

Story Mode allows us, or you, to put together a slide show of maps, charts and tables produced inside Spatial Modeller. You can add notes (see picture above right), order the slides and step through like a normal slide show. The powerful part is that each slide is on live data and at any point the view can click a button and all the analytic tools of Spatial Modeller come alive, e.g. drill down, compare, analyse. Click another button and you are back to the slide show.

This means our user can get a great overview, but at any time can explore the data for themselves. Or maybe you want to create your own story to present to colleagues, stakeholders or the public. If they ask a detailed question like “how does it effect my clinic” then no problem, you can find the answers right there at the touch of a button.

We need your feedback

We are about half way through the development of this tool and its starting to come together. Now is the time to get some feedback from you our clients and friends to incorporated in the next stages. How about telling us:

  • What aspect of your situation would you like to model? Local delivery of services? Consolidation of services? Changing demand?
  • If you could show one aspect of your current arrangement on a map what would it be? Where users are? How many are there? How does that compare to the norm?
  • having read the items we have described above do you see anything we have missed or got wrong? What would you do better?

Please either leave a comment below, or if its confidential then email us directly via our contact form. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Jon Smith says:

    We have just released the first version of Spatial Modeller™. Please go to our new blog post at http://selectiveanalytics.com/announcing-the-first-release-of-spatial-modeller/ for a summary, or the main Spatial Modeller™ page, http://selectiveanalytics.com/about-us/spatial-modeller/ for the full details.

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