Healthcare Services

Our healthcare services are all around geographic and demographic modelling. Our models allows you to investigate different options for reconfiguration and look at their possible effects on patient access, demand etc. This provides you with a set of independent, evidence-based findings to inform your decisions (see here for more on spatial modelling).

Our results are presented in a form that communicates the options quickly and powerfully. This is called data visualisation and is a powerful tool for helping all stakeholders understand the output of any consultation process. It is also vitally important when communicating changes to the general public (see here for more on data visualisation).

Predicting patient preference before reconfiguration

How Can Our Healthcare Services Help You?

The primary area we work in healthcare service location planning, i.e. looking at options for reorganising or relocating hospitals, clinics, ambulances etc. Typical work we have done is:

  • Looking at the effect of closing a hospital in Derby and its likely effect on attendance in Nottingham hospitals.
  • Choosing where to run TIA clinics and predicting demand.
  • Estimating demand for a particular procedure based on the demographic profile of patients by age and gender.
  • Finding the best places for HIV laboratory testing across South Africa.
  • Modelling the best locations for new clinics in Leeds.

New – Spatial Modeller™

Spatial Modeller™ is our new web-based modelling and visualisation tool  that now allows clients to look at at any modelling results as soon as we have done them. It provides both a presentation mode and an analysis mode which allows detailed exploration of each result.

Click here to read more about this exceptional tool and how it could help you.

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