Data Visualisation

Maps convey a lot of information quickly

Data Visualisation is about taking complex problems and presenting the data in a way that someone else can easily understand the conclusions you have found. It is about communicating findings in an accessible way while retaining the truth that the data represents.

There are lots of techniques (see our information page on this) but it stems from the fact that the eye and the brain are very good at spotting patterns and comparing things if they are presented in the right way.

For instance maps are a good visualisation tool as everybody has some appreciation of maps and locations and they can convey a lot of information quickly.

How Can Data Visualisation Help You?

the eye can compare heights easily

If you have some complex or controversial findings, or you need to communicate with people who do not have the time or inclination to study your findings then you really need to present with real clarity. That is what data visualisation is all about.  Typical times when good visualisation is required are:

  • To the senior management team where clarity and brevity is vital.
  • When consulting with senior staff to show the likely effects of any changes.
  • In public consultations to show how the changes will impact them.

If you cannot present your findings clearly then, even if your findings are right, you will not engage the stakeholders and they may well resist your recommendations.