localisation of services

Localise where possible, centralise where necessary

Using demographic data to predict demand

Using demographic data to predict demand

Are you looking to move routine healthcare services into the community? The problem is it is difficult to decide what can be done locally and what is better to centralise. Our geographic modelling allows you to model the effect of different arrangements on patient access and expected demand if you moved some services locally.

By analysing multiple possible options we can help you rule out arrangements that do not improve access or coverage. That means you can concentrate on the configurations that help patients and work well for your staff. And because our modelling is mathematically based it is unbiased and independent.

All results are produced as easy-to-understand maps and charts. As well as helping you make your decisions this data visualisation also helps you when engaging other stakeholders and in public consultations.

Types of geographic modelling we undertake

  • Model and compare multiple combinations of service delivery locations.
  • Identifying changes in patient access, e.g. travel time, coverage, by disease, procedure or service.
  • Estimating demand for a particular procedure based on patient demographics, GP or CCG data.

Our services have been used from small, local modelling right up to large area models (see our South Africa HIV/AIDS work). We attempt to model as many possible options as are practical to give the best overview of the options available.

TIA Clinics in Cornwall

TIA Clinics in Cornwall

Some of the work we have done

  • Choosing where to run TIA clinics in Cornwall (see case study).
  • Modelling the best locations for new clinics in Leeds (see case study)
  • Estimating demand for a particular procedure based on patient demographics.

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