Useful tools for data analysis

I exhibited at the excellent seminar called ‘Advanced Analytics‘ organised by the OR society last Wednesday (25/4/12) and offered a free handout with some of the new tools, many of them free, for spatial visualisation and analysis. I hope this is useful to people.

At the conference Liz Shepherd from said that no one tool if sufficient for data analysis. This useful chart at ComputerWorld which lists 30 free tools for data visualization and analysis. They have  graded the tools with skill level required, from 1 to 4, which is helpful to anyone looking for tools. Worth checking out as it fairly up to date (27th March 2012) and listed some tools I didn’t know about that look useful.

The great thing about the chart is if you click on any of the tools listed and you go to a more in-depth explanation of each one. The level of explanation is excellent.

Another detailed article looks at 8 cool tools for data analysis, visualization and presentation. These range from data conversion/clean-up to an open-source visualisation platform. It include PowerPivot, which is a free add-on for Excel 2010 which is one of my favourites. Again worth a look.

Jon Smith
Selective Analytics


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