CCGs told to work together as ‘too small’ for major change

CCGs told to work together as ‘too small’ for major change

Responding to HNS England’s letter on CCGs working together

The HSJ reported in a recent post that “A letter sent by NHS England and other national bodies last week sets rules for this year’s planning round. They are asking CCGs, local authorities and providers to draw up detailed plans for 2014-16, and high-level strategic plans covering five years.

Our geographic modelling service can help you fulfil this requirement. Our modelling can look at healthcare provision over a wide area to “deliver geography wide clinical improvements“.  Our mapping allows you to look at existing services by condition and can highlighting overlapping or missing services in an area. Then our modelling can run hundreds of ‘what-if’ scenarios to look at different arrangements of services and provide a cost/benefit analysis.

The benefits of this type of analysis are:

  • Better understanding of your own requirements and other CCGs around you.
  • Ability to look at the benefits/costs of centralising, localising or collaborating on services.
  • All results are produced using an unbiased, mathematically based models.
  • Provides the evidence needed to engage other CCGs and support any final decision.
Ophthalmology demand in Devon

Ophthalmology demand in Devon

More about our services

Our healthcare services are all around geographic and demographic modelling. Our models allows you to investigate different options for reconfiguration and look at their possible effects on patient access, demand etc. This provides you with a set of independent, evidence-based findings to inform your decisions.

Our results are presented in a form that communicates the options quickly and clearly. This is called data visualisation and is a powerful tool for helping all stakeholders understand the output of any consultation process. We can also produce easy-to-understand maps and charts to help with any public consultations.

Typical projects we have be engaged in are:

  • Modelling Ophthalmology in Devon, including looking at overlapping services.
  • Choosing where to run TIA clinics and predicting demand. See quote on the right.
  • Looking at extending Orthopaedic surgery services with localised outpatient clinics.
  • Optimising HIV laboratory test provision in South Africa (very large-scale modelling)

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Need more information?

Please contact us today for a free, no obligation discussion to see how our modelling service might help you fulfil the DH’s requirement for working over a wider geographic area.