Data Visualisation

Beautiful data visualisation for all

There is a growing crop of beautiful and useful data visualisation tools. Many need programming skills, but quite a few don’t. While we at Selective Analytics write a lot of software we know other people don’t have the time of inclination to do that. We have therefore assembled a list of tools that the non-programmer can use, most of which…read more →

Ten tips on using data visualisation to aid decision making

I recently gave a talk on using geospatial modelling & visualisation to aid decision making I introduced the idea that people don’t want ‘the answer’, but need ‘insights and options’. My premise is that the people making the final decision need to be involved in the process of making that decision. The challenge is that many senior decision makers are…read more →

Showing data on a map using postcodes

Someone has asked the best way to display information related to a postcode on a map. I thought I would blog this as it is a common issue I am asked about. There are a number of ways, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. However, in my opinion, the best (and cheapest, assuming you can abide with the Google…read more →