Announcing the first release of Spatial Modeller™

We are pleased to announce that the first version of our new, web-based geographic modeller and visualiser, called Spatial Modeller™, is now released. Spatial Modeller™ allows our clients to log in via the web and review results on their tablet or desktop computer as soon as they become available.

This provides a much easier way for clients to access the data, and more importantly show other colleagues or stakeholders what options modelling has suggested.

Spatial Modeller™ running on an Android tablet

Spatial Modeller™ running on an Android tablet

Key features

  • Modeller can handle hundreds of different services, e.g. mental health, respiratory,  orthopaedic.
  • Can model thousands of different combinations of service placement and mix, e.g. actuate services in one location but elective spread over many locations depending on type.
  • Grade each possible arrangement against each other using criteria such as patient access and cost of delivery.
  • Provide clients with multiple ways of looking at the data in map, chart or text form.
  • Allows clients to view results as a presentation with note, and still have the ability to drill down into the data to see what is actually happening.

And much much more…

Want more information?

Please click here go to our dedicated page all about Spatial Modeller™.

We are also looking for partners that would like to work with us on using Spatial Modeller™ with their clients. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this with us.


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