Our People

Below we provide more information on the primary people in Selective Analytics.

Jon Smith Overview

jonsmith2013Selective Analytics is run by Jon Smith and he will be in charge of any project that Selective Analytics runs. He has over 35 years of business experience, including at board level, in technology and data analysis. He has also studied how people and teams make decisions, which has led to the development of special data analysis and visualisation tools to enable organisations to reach better decisions.

His technical skills has meant that he has led the development of the data analysis tools that Selective Analytics have created. His leadership and facilitation skills allow him to help with clients come to a consensus where there are difficult decisions to be made or communicated.

Jon Smith Bio

Jon’s degree was in Systems Engineering from Loughborough University. His first jobs were in software engineer before moving in 1988 into full-time management in charge of development teams and large projects. His last role was as a technical director before setting up his own business in 2001 to focus on strategic consulting. He has 25 years of software design, development and project management experience.

He is interested in data visualisation and is a strong follower of Edward Tufte (see his book Visual Display of Quantitative Information). He also work with various charitable organisations at a strategic level and enjoys rock climbing when time and weather permits.

Dr. Honora Smith Overview

Dr Honora Smith has provided the mathematical drive behind Selective Analytics. The main research came from her PhD where she developed the mathematical models on location analysis and sustainability. Honora consults on most of the work that Selective Analytics undertakes and is a key part of the future development efforts.

Honora lectures jointly in Operational Research in the School of Mathematics and in Management Science in the School of Management at the University of Southampton. The lectureship is funded by the LANCS initiative, where Honora is a part of the healthcare research cluster.

Dr Honora Smith Bio

Honora’s first degree was in Mathematics at Cambridge University where she specialised in Operational Research (OR). Her first jobs were in OR and computing and she worked for Wessex Regional Health Authority on mainframe computing. She did a variety of jobs while bringing up children. In 2004 she obtained an MSc in OR, with distinction and went on to obtain a PhD in “Locating sustainable community health facilities”.

As well as her mathematical side, Honora is a governor at Basingstoke and North Hants Hospital, has completed a TEFL (teaching english as a foreign language) course, plays the saxophone and mandolin and enjoys walking.

Other staff and partners

In addition we have worked with a number of academics and students on specific mathematical issues and software development staff on tools.