About Us

Selective Analytics is a specialised service working in the area of geographic data analysis and visualisation. We provide:

  • Models to optimise the location of services delivery points against various criteria.
  • Comparisons of different reconfigurations of an existing service delivery network.
  • Present any results using easy-to-understand maps and charts.
  • Ensure that our work is unbiased by using mathematical modelling.
  • Produce information suitable for people at all levels in your organisation, and even the public.

Selective Analytics delivers independent, business-focused, evidence-based analysis.

As well as working commercially we do undertake some not-for-profit work to help emerging countries to develop better healthcare services. See the South African laboratory location project.

Find Out More

You can find out more about Selective Analytics by looking at:

  • Our people, which tells you who is involved in the company
  • Our Case Studies, which tells you some of the things we have done
  • Our tools, which has information on the tools we have built

Or of course you can contact us for an in-depth conversation about how our service might help you.