• Geospatial modelling

    Location optimisation, travel calculations and demand estimation.
  • Data Visualisation

    Presenting complex data in a way that aids rapid understanding.
  • Healthcare geographic modelling

    Evidence-based analysis of commissioning issues.
  • Spatial Modeller

    Review our modelling on tablet or desktop
We help organisations, especially Healthcare, who wish to reconfigure their service delivery locations/mix. We model the effects of different service arrangements on the patient/customer access, clinical targets, likely change in demand, cost, etc. The benefits to you are:

  • - Estimates of what benefits each configuration might bring towards your goals.
  • - Objective, mathematically derived evidence to aid decision making.
  • - Clear information to help you engage your stakeholders in the process.
  • - Maps and charts to show that patient access concerns have been considered.

All of this helps your organisation make better, more informed decisions and provides you with the independent evidence to support your final decision.

Geographic optimisation

We are experts in all areas of location modelling, capacity planning and analysis. Before you make any changes we can model the options and provide the evidence you need to make the right decision for you and your users. More…

Data visualisation

Our aim to to help you to see the insights and options we have found in your data. Our powerful data visualisation techniques allow you, your stakeholders and even the public to understand the results of our modelling. More…

Healthcare modelling

We have plenty of experience of location modelling and capacity analysis in Healthcare. This ranges from optimising five TIA clinic locations in rural England up to whole-country laboratory optimisation in South Africa. More…